Allgäu SwimRun is an event organised by

Weiser & Seidel GbR
Zeughausgasse 6
89073 Ulm

The race jury is represented by Andreas Weiser, Dr. med. Barbara Seidel, Dipl.-Inf. Julian Tiedeken und RAin Julia Ruch.

The organiser has the full event sovereignty and is entitled at any time to meet with the race directors by majority vote, event-related decisions. The race directors have the right to use “common sense” to take a decision about arisen situations, if the case is not clearly covered by the rules.

All race participants must follow instructions given by the event staff and uniformed emergency services (police, fire brigade, THW). Offences against rules and instructions lead to disqualification.

To participate in Allgäu SwimRun you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old at the date of the event, or one team member is the legal guardian of the other.

The organisers stress that the event is a several hours endurance competition, which requires intensive physical and mental preparation. Sufficient experience in open water swimming is strongly advised, especially in water temperatures below 15° Celsius. The organiser recommends to conduct an examination by a medical specialist in advance.

The organizer has the right to exclude a participant from the race, if there are reasonable doubts of the state of health to participate in the event.

Entrance requirements in respect of each participant, is the presence of the registration confirmation and the signed acknowledgement as well as declaration of exemption.

The course is marked and will be presented at the race briefing in detail. To participate in Allgäu SwimRun at least one team member has to attend the mandatory race briefing.

Each team has to follow the marked course, any deviations leads to disqualification.

Each team has to compete the race own their own, assistance from other people than the race organisation and event staff leads to disqualification.

The organiser and the race jury have the right to change the course at any time for objective reasons (e.g., road damages, environmental protection, weather condition).

Time recording is done electronically using a chip by the company Abavent. Each team will receive a chip.

The timing for each team starts with the starting signal and ends, if both team members have crossed the finish line.

Each team is required to wear the chip during the race and has to return it after the race. The organiser charges 30,00 Euro, if the chip is not returned after race.

There are several checkpoints during the course, where the teams have to register.

The race ends for a team,

  • if both team members have crossed the finish line,
  • if a team fails to meet the cut-off time, or
  • if the team or a team members has been disqualified.

If a team wants to quit the race, then they are obliged to notify the stewards (event staff, race organisation, race jury) immediately. Search costs are borne by the teams concerned.

There are ratings for each separate category (men, women, and mixed). Winner of each category is the team with the shortest finishing time.

During the whole race each participant is obliged to wear a neoprene wetsuit suitable for water temperatures below 15° Celsius. Strapless wetsuits are not allowed.

The organiser provides swimming caps, race bibs, and restube buoys. Bibs and Restube buoys have to be returned after the race. For each bib that has not been returned, the organiser charges 20,00 € and for a Restube 50,00 € accordingly.

Each participant has to carry his equipment from the starting to the finish line. Motorised swimming aids are prohibited.

Single starters have to carry a safety buoy during race (will be provided), non-returned buoyes will be charged with 20,00 € accordingly.

The participants are not allowed to throw trash in the nature, any violation leads to disqualification.

Each participant is responsible for his food and water supply. The organiser will provide appropriate water and energy at the energy stations. However, no guarantee for the availability of food and drinks is covered by the organiser.

The race number on the race bib must be readable during the whole race, advertisement on the race bibs must not be covered or defaced in any sense.

Participants must comply with the German road traffic regulations at all times, which requires constant caution and mutual consideration.

Team members have to stay together at all time and are not allowed to be more than 10 metres apart from each other.

Participants have to wear the provided Restube buoys.

Liability of the organiser is limited in the following sense:

  • The organiser will accept unlimited liability for damage arising from injury to life or health based on a negligent or intentional breach of duty of the organiser or a legal representative or vicarious agents.
  • A liability for damages based on a negligent breach of duty of the organiser or a legal representative or vicarious agents, the organiser is not liable, unless it concerns damage from the violation of cardinal obligations. The liability for damages from the breach of cardinal obligations is, however, in terms of height limited to compensation of the foreseeable and typical contractual damages at conclusion of the contract. Cardinal obligations are those, whose fulfillment makes the proper execution of the contract possible, and on whose compliance the participant may rely.
  • The presented limitation of liability also applies for lost valuables, clothing, and equipment.

The participant is hereby informed that he is solely liable for damages, which he causes to the organiser or third parties (e.g., other participants or spectators), if the participants acts of intention or negligence. The organiser recommends to take out a personal liability insurance.

Registration and payment is handled over the portal of Abavent.

The application is final.

There will be no refund of the registration fee, unless the cancellation of the event or the event canceled due to intent or gross negligence of the organiser.

Changes of team members are possible until the evening before the race.

The participants give the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and movie.