Race information


  • 5th October 2019 in Oy-Mittelberg (Germany)
  • 7 running sections - 23,5km total (560 m positive altitude change) | 6 swimming section - 3,5km total
  • Teams of 2 only

Do you accept the challenge?

About Allgäu SwimRun

The new Swedish endurance sport swimrun comes to the Allgäu region for the second time. Here, between the foot of the Alps and idyllic lakes, the Allgäu SwimRun 2019 will take place. Gentle trails and the clear waters of the Allgäu lakes makes this the perfect location to cross new boundaries.

Multi-sport without transition zones, endless trails that do not stop at shorelines. Running and swimming in teams of two makes this a new experience and challenge for swimmers, runners, as well as triathletes. Not only for the sake of safety, but running and swimming in teams gives you the possibilities to support, motivate, and surpass yourself.

The route starts in Oy and leads to the Rottach lake. After crossing the lake two times, you have to pass Burgkranzegger Horn, which leads to the second lake Grünten. There are three swimming sections and a few short running sections before you head back to the finish in Oy.

The route consists of 7 running sections in total of 23,5km (560 m positive altitude change), as well as 6 swimming sections in total of 3.5km. The estimated water temperature will be between 12 - 14° Celsius. The race is suitable for swimrun beginners, but has enough potential to be challenging for experienced swimrunners, as well.

Detailed route



  • wetsuit for water tempatures <15°C, strapless suits are not allowed .
  • swimming cap (will be provided)
  • Restube (will be provided)
  • starting number (will be provided)


  • trail running shoes
  • swimming goggles
  • neoprene cap