At the foothills of the Allgäuer Alps in Oy-Mittelberg (Germany), close to the Kurhaus.
Men-, women-, and mixed-teams are allowed.
The route consists of 7 running sections in total of 23.5 km (560 m postive altitude change) and 6 swimming sections in total of 3.5 km. The major challenge will definitly be the water temperatures.
Except of storms, the race will start at any conditions.
Yes, at least one team member has to attend the race briefing.
The race will close after five and a half hours. Due to safety reasons, we will take anybody out, who reaches the second energy station in Faistenoy after 3:15h.
There are 2 energy stations with water, energy gels, and broth.
Hilly terrain with trails, gravel, and asphalt. A total of 560 meters in positive altitude change have to be managed.
With direction signs and barrier tape.
Entries and exits are clearly marked with large banners.
Neoprene wetsuits are mandatory, strappless ones are not allowed. A swimming cap, safety buoy, and starting bib will be provided by the organiser. For more information on equipment, visit our blog: SwimRun Germany.
Participation is at your own risk.
Yes, a mobile medical service is on the spot.
Lifeboats with guards are patrolling on the lakes.
Since this is a team competition, the race is then unfortunately over for both of you.
Please contact the next marshal and return your race number and timing chip at the finish line.
Safety buoy as a loan, swimming cap, start bib, marked course, timing chip, energy and supplies during race, after-race banquette, medical service during race, lifeboats during the swimming sections, free shower facilities and parking spots.
Due to safety reasons, only teams of 2 are allowed.
No. We recommend to buy the ÖTILLÖ Insurance. More information here.
Changes of team members are possible until the evening before the race.
Yes, close to the finish line at the Kurhaus.
Yes, 200m away from the finish line.
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