About us

Inspired by a Youtube video, Barbara hit upon the Engadin Swimrun, the first swimrun outside of Sweden in 2014. Being a beginner in this sport but fascinated by the stunning impressions, she and a friend signed up for the race. Soon after the race she realised: crazy, but addictive and so we started with a small swimrun team in 2015. In the meantime we knew that we have to organise our own swimrun race in Germany: Allgäu SwimRun 2016 was born.

Now, we are a group of 5 teams participating in Engadin Swimrun and are still growing. We want to share our experiences with you and bring swimrun to the next level.


Barbara Seidel

Owner laufSinn

Andreas Weiser

Owner laufSinn

Julian Tiedeken


Julia Ruch

Legal, owner Aktivkanzlei